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National News

Virtual Institute Launches to Help Physician to be Successful Entrepreneurs

As a family physician, Maiysha Clairborne, M.D., found that, while she possessed good clinician skills, upon founding a private medical practice and a coaching company, she was lacking proper entrepreneuria...

Online Education Startup Aceable’s Explosive Growth Gains $47 Million Series B Round

Aceable announced this week the raise of a $47 million Series B round led by Sageview Capital that will be used to expand the startup’s offerings in digital education that will enable them to ...

Top Workplace Trends for 2019 in ADP’s Latest Research Reports

ADP, a New Jersey-based human resources company specializing in labor market research, announced their 2019 projections of top workplace trends, based on data from the monthly ADP National Employment Report an...

HBS’ 25th Annual Venture Capital Private Equity Conference Announces Agenda Filled with Speakers

For the 25th year, students from Harvard Business School’s Venture Capital and Private Equity club plan to host their Annual Venture Capital Private Equity Conference at Harvard on January 26, 2019. The con...

Upcoming Blockchain Connect Conference Stresses Academics within the Field, Calls for Papers

The upcoming Blockchain Connect Conference on January 11th in San Francisco, hosted by SV Insight, will have an emphasis on academics within the blockchain space, believing academic contributors deserve gr...

Code AutoMobility LA Hackathon Winners Offer Innovative Solutions for Safety and Commerce

This year’s Code AutoMobility LA hackathon came to a close with the announcement of the winners by AutoMobility LA and the Los Angeles Auto Show organizers. This year’s challenge for coders was to...

Gender Equity Study Shows Bias Occurs at Key Junctures in Women’s Career Paths

Women are disappearing from corporate career and leadership pathways at every point in their professional lives, especially women of color. This insight comes from a research report from Bentley University’s G...

AI-Driven Augmented Reality Navigation System Improves Driver Safety and Direction Accuracy

Combining machine learning and augmented reality to create a new type of navigation app, California-based Phiar’s new platform will enable drivers to more safely and accurately keep track of their surro...

ChargePoint’s Electric Charging Stations Funded to Meet Need of Expanding Electric Vehicle Market

By 2030, there could be 125 million electric cars on the road globally, with the number already exceeding 3 million in 2017. However, electric vehicles (EV) do not only consist of cars, as the...

AI Innovation in Fintech Bringing Improvements to Loan Application Process

Almost 97 percent of online banking applications are never completed, possibly due to the amount of paperwork that potential borrowers are unwilling to fill out. Alfresco Software, a digital business company, ...

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