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National News

Healthcare Innovator Unite Us Connects Healthcare and Social Services, Improving Quality of Life

For the past six years, Unite Us has been connecting healthcare entities with social service providers to improve overall care to consumers, showing the importance of social care, along with c...

Urban Transportation Changing with Adoption of Scooters, Prompting Passport’s Collaboration with Cities

Many urban communities are now experiencing rapid changes in transportation usage by commuters through their growing adoption of scooters due to their affordability, efficiency, and lack of pollution. In order to ad...

Immersive Technology Has Reached Critical Momentum, According to AR and VR Survey

A new survey from Perkins Coie LLP and the XR Association compares the future of immersive technologies of XR, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (M...

AMP Robotics and Ryohshin Partner to Introduce AI-driven Robotics to Construction and Demolition Recycling

In an effort to make materials waste management more efficient, AMP Robotics Corp, an AI and robotics recycling company, along with Ryohshin Co. Ltd., a waste management technology company, are partnerin...

Adoption of Digital Tools in Rural America Offers Significant Economic Rewards

There’s a potential $140 billion for the U.S. economy if rural businesses unlock their digital potential, a report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found. Commissioned by Amazon, the report said ...

Plug-in Electric Vehicles Jump 70% Year to Year, according to Navigant Research

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, shows a new report from Navigant Research, with sales doubling in North America last year, and also seeing heightened growth in Europe and China. The report, ...

Skilled Cybersecurity Workers Not Filling Demand, According to Tripwire Report

Between the rapid pace of evolving threat landscapes and emerging new technologies, the skillset required for a job in cybersecurity is changing and having an impact. In this race against growing threats, ...

Innovation and Workplace Diversity Positively Linked in Accenture Report

The mindset for innovation in U.S. workplaces becomes five times stronger within companies with robust cultures of equality, a new report from Accenture found. Globally, 95% of executives see innovation a...

Visa’s Global Competition Celebrates Women Entrepreneurs in Fintech and Those Making a Social Impact

VISA is bringing women entrepreneurs to the fore by offering a FinTech and Social Impact challenge to female-founded companies worldwide that has a sizeable monetary prize. The competition, called the...

AI Now Part of The Cybersmile Foundation’s Cyberbullying Initiative

Launching a new initiative, The Cybersmile Foundation is now employing AI to run Cybersmile Assistant, an online support system for Internet users around the world experiencing cyberbullying. The platform helps...

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