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Construction Robotics in Demand, Addressing Labor Shortages and Cost Inefficiencies

A new report from Tractica highlights the need for innovation in the construction industry, as the market has been pretty much stagnant in efficiency growth. Historically, labor intensive industries ha...

Top 100 Direct Selling Companies Includes Kannaway, first Hemp Lifestyle Network

Each year Direct Selling News, a magazine that brings together direct sellers to millions of independent business owners, recognizes successful direct selling companies with the Global 100 list. Compani...

Scaling Digital Innovation through Four Key Actions Yields Higher Returns, According Accenture Study

A new report from Accenture shows how industrial companies have found effective ways to scale their digital innovation efforts and receive a higher return on digital investment. However, of the 1,350 senior and C-suite executiv...

Edison Awards Gives IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Achievement Award, Also Recognizing Innovators across Industries

On April 4th the 2019 Edison Awards winners, a prestigious group of innovative individuals in business, were announced and celebrated at a Gala held in New York City.  The event brought together mo...

UnitedHealthcare Brings Innovative Ideas to Communities to Improve Health and Housing

The correlation between lack of proper housing and health issues has long been studied and found to be true. UnitedHealthcare, a company that works to provide better benefits for individuals in the health...

Food and Retail Innovation Focus of Starbucks $100M Fund Commitment

Starbucks Corporation has made a significant commitment to identify and grow investments in technologies in the food and retail industries through the newly established Valor Siren Ventures (VSV) fund having tha...

Healthcare Innovator Unite Us Connects Healthcare and Social Services, Improving Quality of Life

For the past six years, Unite Us has been connecting healthcare entities with social service providers to improve overall care to consumers, showing the importance of social care, along with c...

Innovation and Workplace Diversity Positively Linked in Accenture Report

The mindset for innovation in U.S. workplaces becomes five times stronger within companies with robust cultures of equality, a new report from Accenture found. Globally, 95% of executives see innovation a...

Science and Innovation in Africa Recognized in Johnson & Johnson’s Storytelling Challenge

The first ever Champions of Science – Africa Storytelling Challenge came to a close this week, and the five winners were announced by Johnson & Johnson Innovation. Recognizing the important journeys of i...

Circular Economy Being Embraced by Large Corporations, Newsweek Reports

In the ongoing fight against climate change and resource scarcity, a Newsweek report found large-scale support for the idea of the circular economy. This report, “Going Circular: How Global Business is Em...

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